Pyramid Entertainment roots go back to the ‘70’s when the cofounder would clear out his parents two-car garage, invite friends over for parties and spin records. Soon after being invited to play music for a grad dance. Later that year equipment was organized, records collected and our first dance was underway.

Those first few years were intended only as a great hobby.  However after landing a job as Disc Jockey at the Vegas Skate Palace, then having friends need a DJ for their wedding, the part time hobby grew into the professional service it is today.

We provide our clients with these great services:

1. Care. Individual personal care and attention is given to help you plan a successful event.

2. Fun. Your DJ is very happy to work for you, we want your party to be a success. We take advance requests and guests requests at the event.

3. Reliablity. Modern up to date advanced equipment with back ups, early set up times, meetings with our clients to confirm plans and special requests. This ensures you complete confidence.

Our Mission Statement

“Quality cannot be compromised.  Don’t wait for the competition to show you the way.  Set the standard and then exceed it yourself.”